OUT OF STOCK – Joseph’s Bones (Tales of the Exodus 4) – Book Info

by Nicole Parker

UPDATE 5/2021: Due to price increases, our ministry only provides Book 7 (Sanctuary Light) of Tales of the Exodus. We encourage you to purchase the rest of the Exodus series through Adventist Book Center.com or Amazon.com.

Book 4 in the “Tales of the Exodus” series – Available for purchase through AdventistBookCenter.com and Amazon.com. 192 pages, softcover.

Can the God of justice unleash His mighty power in plagues that devastate Egypt, while still pouring tender mercy on every person who turns to Him in faith? Can He use the cruelty of an Egyptian taskmaster to teach wounded slave children to love like He loves? Must we choose justice or mercy — or can God’s love unite the two perfectly?

In pain and anguish, Asher and his friend Iru wrestle to forgive a terrible wrong. As the final plague looms ahead ominously, they learn the steps of forgiveness. Can they love mercy, trusting God to do justice? As their deliverance from slavery draws near, can they seek to deliver merciless Egyptians from sin and death?

Experience the anguish and rage of helpless Hebrew slaves as they battle to forgive brutality and dehumanization. Learn how trusting God’s justice fills our hearts with mercy. Your vision of His longsuffering, reconciling love will never be the same.

With its blend of exciting story and optional thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Joseph’s Bones is perfect for:

Family Worships
Bible Classes
Homeschool Assignments
Personal Reading
Ages 9-109!

From book rear cover

Does forgiveness set the abuser free to continue harming others—or free those who have been wronged? How do we forgive those who are not even sorry for hurting us? In this thrilling story, Asher and his friend Iru, young Hebrew slave boys, agonize over how to forgive a cruel attack. Can trusting God’s justice set them free to love mercy? Can they join in God’s work of seeking to redeem and rescue, despite their own personal pain? As the plagues escalate toward the final night of Passover, the slave families prepare their hearts and their homes for the midnight visit of the angel of death—and for their upcoming liberation. Inspiring, relevant lessons on forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation from the biblical Exodus come alive in this gripping story of hate, heartache, healing, and hope.

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