Sanctuary Light (Tales of the Exodus 7) – Book Info

by Nicole Parker

UPDATE 5/2021: Due to price increases, our ministry only provides Book 7 (Sanctuary Light) of Tales of the Exodus. We encourage you to purchase the rest of the Exodus series through Adventist Book or

Book 7 in the “Tales of the Exodus” series — Also available for purchase through (paperback, Kindle) or Adventist Book 108 pages, softcover.

[Note: Nicole Parker wrote Sanctuary Light first, but it is actually the final book in the planned 7-part “Tales of the Exodus” series. You can definitely enjoy Sanctuary Light on its own without reading the prequel books first — but if you wish to read the series in order, you can buy the other books online. As of 5/2021, those are Books 1 (Faith Roots), 2 (Humble Stones), 3 (Wings of Love) and 4 (Joseph’s Bones), with Books 5 and 6 coming out soon.]

What would it be like to wake up every morning to a warm cloud of light overhead, to drink water flowing miraculously from a desert boulder and eat manna every day? Most of all, how would you feel gazing at the mysterious glow of God’s visible presence at the nearby Sanctuary?

Adventure with Asher and his little sister Zara in a delightful yet sobering journey of conviction, atonement and assurance. Feel the terrible guilt of sin and the stunning grace of redemption.

Discover the glorious Sanctuary message, not just through the study of laws and diagrams, but as the emotional gospel experience it was designed to be. Your vision of the love of God revealed in the Old Testament Sanctuary will never be the same.

With its blend of exciting story and optional thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Sanctuary Light is perfect for:

Family Worships

Personal Reading

Bible Classes

Homeschool Assignments

Ages 9-109!

Adventist Book Center product description

Discover how the Sanctuary was designed to free God’s people from fear, perfectionism, guilt and shame, filling our hearts instead with perpetual peace. Experience the Sanctuary in the wilderness camp through the eyes of Asher and Zara, Israelite children. Their family has just escaped from Egypt, and they are discovering how different the loving God of Israel is from the gods the Egyptians worshiped. As they contemplate the Sanctuary services, they grow to love the God of their fathers.

This book answers questions like: Did people have to sacrifice a lamb every time they said an angry word? Why would a loving God require sacrificing so many innocent animals? Was the God of the Old Testament angry and bloodthirsty, or filled with lovingkindness, just like Jesus in the New Testament? How did the Day of Atonement give Israelites joyful, confident assurance of salvation, even as it acknowledged that they were not yet perfect? This book answers these and many other questions, revealing the glory and relevance of the beautiful Sanctuary message for sinners today.

Be astounded at the beauty and depth of God’s love unveiled in the emotional, sensory experience the Sanctuary was designed to be. Discover the constant assurance of salvation God wanted His children to enjoy every day, through the simple illustrations of its services.

Written as a story so simple a young child can understand, but exploring the unfathomable depth of themes of guilt, grace, forgiveness, faith, atonement and love, this book will delight the whole family. It includes optional discussion questions at the end of each chapter, making it ideal for family worships, homeschooling, Bible classes, and much more.

Glimpse “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” as you have never known Him before. Your vision of God’s love unveiled in the Sanctuary will be transformed forever. product description


  1. How can I get free books? I will give a donation if you will send me any free books available. Thank you !


    • Hello friend,
      I’m sorry for this late reply; our book ministry has been on hold for the past few months. We have re-opened the free book requests, you can use our website to request them. God bless you!


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