OUT OF STOCK – Wings of Love (Tales of the Exodus 3) – Book Info

by Nicole Parker

UPDATE 5/2021: Due to price increases, our ministry only provides Book 7 (Sanctuary Light) of Tales of the Exodus. We encourage you to purchase the rest of the Exodus series through Adventist Book Center.com or Amazon.com.

Book 3 in the “Tales of the Exodus” series – Available for purchase through AdventistBookCenter.com and Amazon.com. 152 pages, softcover.

Plagues of stinging flies, dying animals, painful boils and devastating hail are destroying Egypt. The superpower is crumbling in chaos. Will the invisible God of the Hebrews protect His people from ruin?

Caught up in the breathtaking drama, Asher and his sister Zara watch God unleash justice on the stubborn, cruel Egyptians, while pouring out mercy on those who obey and trust Him. As their family tenderly cares for a wounded robin, they discuss the secrets of God’s lovingkindness. They discover how He delicately balances constructive mercy with perfect justice in His efforts to save as many Hebrews and Egyptians as possible.

Listen as Moses explains how faith in God’s lovingkindness unlocks the secret of hating injustice without hating those who are unjust. Your grasp of the righteous justice and mercy of God will never be the same.

With its blend of exciting story and optional thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Wings of Love is perfect for:

Family Worships
Bible Classes
Homeschool Assignments
Personal Reading
Ages 9-109!

From book rear cover

If God is just and merciful, why doesn’t He rescue the innocent and punish the wicked? How can He remain silent in the face of injustice and suffering? In this thrilling, heart-wrenching story, Asher and Zara rescue a wounded baby bird from bullies. In the process, they learn lessons about the justice and mercy of God. As He pours plagues on the cruel, rebellious Egyptians, they grow to understand His love better. They come to realize that God’s lovingkindness perfectly balances mercy with justice in every situation, not just in angry vengeance, but in love seeking to redeem as many people as possible. This heartwarming, exciting story is simple enough for children to understand, but explores the depths of principles of God’s love that stir and also heal the soul of anyone who has suffered injustice or abuse.

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