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Lessons on Faith by AT Jones and EJ Waggoner

Paperback, 158 pages, re-published 2017. A collection of articles on Righteousness by Faith, written by AT Jones and EG Waggoner in the late 1800’s.

*9/2022: Book is currently out of print. Normally it can be obtained from 1888 Message Study Committee.

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD HERE. And the Spanish version is now available in PDF here. (The Spanish print version is available in limited quantities — contact me directly if desired/También disponible en español en cantidades limitadas — contácteme directamente si lo desea: contact@rxf1888.com)

Other languages available online: Romanian (html); Portuguese (PDF)

A project by Pastor Rob Benardo and the Battle Creek SDA Tabernacle Book Evangelism project. (Other books by this project are available from our ministry: modern-language adaptations of sermons at the 1893 General Conference session — The Sounding of the Third Angel (by AT Jones) and The Promise of the Spirit (by WW Prescott); also a concise summary of the 1888 history and message — The Matchless Charms of Christ).

The reformation. Is it over?

Has five-hundred years quenched the fire and fulfilled the mission of the heart-griping, life-transforming message of righteousness by faith alone (sola fide)? Has a complete reliance on the word of God alone (sola scriptura) become passé and unimportant?

We think not.

The testimony of one young person after another is that the book Lessons on Faith has been instrumental in their understanding of what true faith is, how to cultivate it and how to be an authentic biblical Christian. The book challenges and equips the reader to come higher in their walk with God, and deepens their knowledge of His love. These timeless, easy-to-read articles were written in the late 1800’s by two reformers in their own right and were gathered into book form nearly 40 years ago.

In these last days, against the black backdrop of dead religious formalism, God is raising up those who, through faith, will develop a fresh and timely testimony of their own regarding the things of God. It’s a personal reformation that will only grow. “The great work of the gospel is not to close with less manifestation of the power of God than marked its opening… Servants of God, with their faces lighted up and shining with holy consecration, will hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven.” (Ellen White, The Faith I Live By, p332). 1 John 5:4 assures us that, “this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.” Our prayer is that through reading these lessons on faith, you will personally receive the joy of salvation and the victorious power of God in your life.

The reformation. Let it begin in your life today!

Publishers’ introduction to the book

“Faith is the depending upon the word of God only, and expecting that word only, to do what the word says. Justification by faith, then, is justification by depending upon the word of God only, and expecting that word only, to accomplish it.”

Back cover of the book — AT Jones, page 24

Alonzo T. Jones and Ellet J. Waggoner are best known for their presentations on righteousness by faith starting at the 1888 General Conference Session held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The messages they presented still reach thousands of hearts today. Among their numerous roles and responsibilities in the church, they served as co-editors of The Signs of the Times and The American Sentinel, official magazines of the Seventh-day Adventist church. You will be greatly impacted by the simple yet profound teaching of Lessons on Faith.

Pubishers’ foreword of the book

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