OUT OF STOCK – Humble Stones (Tales of the Exodus 2) – Book Info

by Nicole Parker

UPDATE 5/2021: Due to price increases, our ministry only provides Book 7 (Sanctuary Light) of Tales of the Exodus. We encourage you to purchase the rest of the Exodus series through Adventist Book Center.com or Amazon.com.

Book 2 in the “Tales of the Exodus” series – Available for purchase through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle) or Adventist Book Center.com. 120 pages, softcover.

Will an angry, defiant Pharaoh crush the Hebrew people – or will their God finally begin to deliver them? In heart-stopping suspense, Asher, a Hebrew slave boy, waits to see.

Marvel with Asher and his family as God starts unleashing His power in surprising, irritating, and sometimes even humorous plagues. Discover the depth of God’s self-sacrificing love as He works to free both Hebrews and Egyptians from the death grip of the love of power. Study the secrets of forgiveness and humility at the feet of Moses himself.

Explore the greatest paradox of the universe – how the all-powerful King on the throne will always, only govern by love – never by force.

Your vision of the law of self-sacrificing love governing the universe will never be the same.

With its blend of exciting story and optional thought-provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Humble Stones is perfect for:

Family Worships
Bible Classes
Homeschool Assignments
Personal Reading
Ages 9-109!

Adventist Book Center product description

Asher, a young Hebrew boy, is suffering under the unspeakable cruelty of slavery in Egypt. Why doesn’t God use His great power to force Pharaoh to let them go? When will the pain and heartache end? And in the midst of such suffering and injustice, how can Asher let go of his intense bitterness, and forgive the brutal Egyptians?

Listen as Moses explains God’s wise and patient love to slaves suffering unimaginable injustice, in this breathtaking story of fear, anger, hope and patient waiting. You’ll discover a fresh love for the God who empties Himself, taking the lowest place in order to lift up the universe in self-sacrifice. The Bible story will come alive as you experience the irritation, confusion and hilarity of one unpredictable plague after another. And throughout everything, you will discover the inspiring true story behind why a God of infinite love must allow suffering in order to finally vanquish both sin and pain in the end.

This gripping, inspiring tale of hate, heartache and hope unfolds relevant, present-day lessons from ancient biblical history. In a story so simple a young child can understand, it explores the unfathomable depths of gospel themes of faith, humility, justice, mercy, forgiveness and love. Humble Stones will transform the perspective of seekers of every age.

Amazon.com product description


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