OUT OF STOCK — The Lion that Ran Away — Book Info

by Elder Robert Wieland

***As of February 2022, this book is out of stock. We will hopefully have it back in stock soon.***

A story book for kids that explains Righteousness by Faith! Softcover, 183 pages.

Our boys really enjoyed the stories, and the spiritual lessons were methodically and creatively explained. This book helped ALL of us, parents and kids, to understand the message of Righteousness by Faith with greater clarity.

Book Foreword by the author:

Our intent in these 40 tales is to convey overtones of the unique Good News concepts that permeated the “message of Christ’s righteousness” that “the Lord in His great mercy sent” to His people over a century ago. Children need to perceive the difference between “the third angel’s message in verity” and popular apostate Christianity.

These stories are from real life, illustrating for minds young and old how the gospel “works” in our everyday experiences.

The bare theological bones, hopefully, are clothed. We write with the earnest prayer that little children may come to sense how good is the news of the New Covenant, how strong is the love of the Good Shepherd who seeks us (rather than waiting for us to find Him!), how close Jesus is to us, how He was “in all points tempted like as” children today are tempted “yet without sin,” how children can understand the kind of death He died on His cross, how His love (not fear!) motivates us, how He is right now in all the world calling children to “follow the Lamb wherever He goes,” and how it’s possible for children to do that, and how it’s true that many are responding.

The book is available to read online for free (.doc, .PDF, Yumpu) at 4eange.com

Audio of sermon series by Elder Wieland in 1988 – sermon 1 of YouTube

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