War of the Ages – kids audiobook series on YouTube

Our ministry’s latest free gift for you: an online audiobook series of Christian books for kids and adults, recorded by yours truly! “War of the Ages” by Sally Pierson Dillon – a 5-book series for young people, following the arc of Biblical history and prophetic end-time events from the “Conflict of the Ages” series by Ellen White — told through the eyes of an angel who witnesses it all.

Audio project brought to you in collaboration with the Review and Herald Publishing Association, available for listening on YouTube. At this time, we do not distribute these books for free — but the books can be purchased at http://www.adventistbookcenter.com or by calling 1-800-765-6955.

Parental Guidance: Note that a few chapters do contain thematic topics which may be uncomfortable for younger listeners. I do mark those videos as “Parental Guidance Recommended.”

Series introduction

“Will the religious leaders accept Jesus as their messiah? Or will they reject His message and turn Him over to the Romans? It’s the most exciting time in history, and YOU ARE THERE.

The greatest story ever told is here retold through the eyes of a shepherd boy from Bethlehem, a centurion’s daughter, and many others. From the first inklings of His birth until the moment His feet disappear in the clouds, YOU ARE THERE.

You will watch His mighty miracles and see the compassion in His eyes. You will feel every stroke of the lash, and catch the first glimpse of the risen Lord. All under the watchful eye of recording angel Mark, the narrator, who misses nothing in his most exciting assignment ever. YOU ARE THERE. And life will never be the same again.”

Publisher’s Description of Book 3 “Victory of the Warrior King”

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