Heralding the Loud Cry – Book and Study Group Info

Heralding the Loud Cry: Progression of Light from 1888 by Camron Schofield

One of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read; this book is the reason we started our book ministry! Brother Schofield’s sermons encouraged me to go back to the original SDA sources (EG White, AT Jones, EJ Waggoner) and learn more about what “Righteousness by Faith” really is! 264 pages, softcover. Spanish version currently in the works — more details here!

2021 Update: We have a weekly Monday-night online study group going through this book. You can watch the videos here. If you would like to join the study group, please notify me.

Camron Schofield’s book was for me a fresh reintroduction to the glad tidings of righteousness by faith. And while I may differ with him on certain nuances of the Bible’s grand theme of salvation by faith, I can testify that the Holy Spirit used Camron’s careful, gracious, biblical study to lead me deeper into “the everlasting gospel” than I had been before. Out of this study I preached two series of sermons, “#RxF4Now” & “Storm”, & I trust this book will be a blessing to you, too.

–Dwight K. Nelson, Senior Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church, Andrews University

From the Amazon description: “Heralding the Loud Cry is a precious book, containing progressive light and truth for our time in relation to the Loud Cry of the Fourth Angel. Each chapter of the book reveals newer and deeper spectrums of this multifaceted diamond of truth – as if one were holding the diamond up towards the sun, light permeates off its illuminated sides in every direction, radiating outward, upward, downward and inward. In beautiful simplicity Camron Schofield shares the eighteen gems of wisdom he has collected on Righteousness by Faith from his personal sojournings out of spiritual Egypt to the Red Sea shore. Consider each one of these sermons on Righteousness by Faith a unique and precious stone that you can yet polish and beautify further in the experience of your own life.”

“Old and Mostly New Treasures from the 1888 Message: The material is very clearly an advanced step in the direction laid out by the teachings of God through Jones and Waggoner during the late 1880s and 1890s. This book has been a extreme blessing to me and those with whom i’ve shared the thoughts contained therein. A must read for those who want the old and the new treasures from the storehouse of God.”Amazon Review by William Pergerson Sr., SDA evangelist

Available for free PDF download (by author’s permission) or for purchase on Amazon.com

See also Brother Schofield’s short sharing book, A Life the Measures with the Life of God (English, Spanish) and his website Eternal Realities.com

2018 9-part sermon series “Righteousness by Faith” by Camron Schofield:

2017 sermon series “Our Only Hope” by Brother Schofield:

7-part Youtube series “Salvation Simply” by Brother Schofield (with Spanish captions):


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