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Are these books really free?

Yes. It is our ministry and pleasure to share these books with you. Due to increased shipping costs, we do ask that you make a contribution towards the shipping, based on the number of books requested: $9 for 1-5 books, $16 for 6-20 books. (Contact us to discuss shipping costs of bulk orders greater than 20 books).

How many books can I get from you? How often can I request more books?

When you submit our Book Request Form (in menu above, if requests are not currently on hold), you can request as many copies as you want*, as often as you need! We are eager to support your personal efforts to share these books with your family, church, friends, Bible study group, coworkers, classmates and more! *Please be aware: specific books may be limited to “1 copy/request,” either due to short supply or increased publisher prices.

Can you ship books internationally?

As of March 2020, the costs of international shipping have become too high for our small budget. We are no longer able to ship books outside of the United States. Further details are available in this post. [See each book’s listing on our website; many of the books are available for free PDF/audio download, or have YouTube sermons preached about them]

How long does it take to get books once I request them?

Our backlog can get very long, due to variables such as our finances, publishing backlogs, online store backorders, shipping delays, plus our own personal responsibilities (full time job + preparing children’s programming and sermons). On average, we can fulfill 3-4 requests/month, but it may take longer. We appreciate your patience, as we are a family-funded personal ministry with a small budget (but big aspirations!) 🙂

What are the books about?

I aim to post summaries of every book we offer — see each book’s listing on our website. You can also watch this video summary of most of our books (as of January 2021):

Did you write these books? Do you profit financially from the sale or distribution of these books?

No and no.

Then what makes you so sure that these books are worth reading and sharing?

  1. I’ve read them all. You really can’t judge a book by its cover, especially when it’s about important spiritual topics!
  2. I’ve tested the claims of each book against the Holy Bible (the most important duty each of us has when presented with new information about God and our relationship with Him! See Acts 17:11). In each case, the information presented in the book holds up to the test of Scripture.
  3. My life has been measurably changed by each of these books. I have found them to be immensely useful for my journey as a Christian, father, husband, and lay preacher.
  4. As I have shared these books with others, I have seen spiritual lives revived, family relationships improve, and church groups budding with new joy and love for sharing the Gospel.

Do you have any sermons I can watch to learn more about the topics in these books?

Absolutely! I recommend this Youtube Playlist in particular (curated by yours truly). Plus, see each book’s info post, where I try to include links to sermons (a) about the book, or even better (b) by the author of the book.

Who are “you” anyways?

Hi, my name is Austin Bacchus. Since 2015, my wife (Marie-Lys) and I have been following God’s leading to distribute free literature on crucial spiritual topics. We are life-long Seventh-day Adventist Christians who only recently fell in love with Jesus, and now we can’t stop sharing about Him! We are also the homeschooling parents to two young boys.

What are your sources for buying these books?

I buy them in bulk directly from publishers or online stores, such as Amazing Facts Bookstore, Remnant Publications, Belt of Truth Ministries, Adventist Book Center, 1888 Message Study Committee, and good old Amazon.

Can I donate to your ministry?

Sure, as long as you don’t send us your tithe money. 100% of any donations are re-invested into purchasing and shipping more books. For PayPal donations, visit If you want to send money through another method (cash/check through the mail, Facebook Messenger, Google Pay, Venmo), use the Book Request link to reach out to us. We are still working out details on how to provide tax-deductible receipts for donations — stay tuned.

Can you notify me when you have new books to offer?

Definitely! Subscribe to our Email List, and we’ll notify you when we have new books to offer, along with occasional YouTube projects or other online events.

Hey, why don’t you offer [insert book title here] for free anymore?

We have 2 rate-limiting factors for sharing books: (1) our budget and (2) availability. For example, we used to offer the entire Tales of the Exodus series for free, but the cost of the books (plus the increasing size of the series) meant we had to cut back to just offering Book 7 (Sanctuary Light). Another example: Christ Our Righteousness went out of publication in 2021, and we don’t know when it will be printed again. So, please subscribe to our email list so we can update you if any old books come back on offer!

Can I help get the word out about your ministry?

That would be AWESOME! Feel free to share our website link ( or our Facebook page ( with others through social media, your church’s bulletin, ad space on the Goodyear blimp… whatever you wish!

By the way — if you are ordering books for sharing with others, we’d love to mail you some promotional materials for our ministry (printed flyers, book stickers) to include with each copy — just let us know in the Book Request Form!

I have a book I think you should distribute for free! Or I have a Christian ministry that I want you to promote on your website!

Cool! I’d love to read the book or learn more about your ministry, and determine for myself whether to distribute/promote it through our ministry. Contact me through the Book Request Form.

What is RxF? What’s the big deal about 1888?

I was hoping you would ask! RxF is mathematical short-hand for Righteousness by Faith (I believe Pastor Dwight Nelson first used this acronym?). As for the history and message of the 1888 General Conference session through AT Jones and EJ Waggoner, I recommend reading our small pamphlet The Matchless Charms of Christ. Also I preached this sermon called “1888 and Me” which may help you get a taste for what’s so historically and spiritually important about that year:

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