OUT OF STOCK – Christ Our Righteousness – Book Info

Christ Our Righteousness by Pastor Bill Lehman

UPDATE 2/28/21 — I AM OUT OF STOCK OF THIS BOOK and having trouble obtaining it from the publisher.

This book collects a 32-sermon series preached by Pastor Lehman in the 1970’s. The audio of the series is available online for free download through pastorbilllehman.org, and for streaming through YouTube. The book is available for purchase through lightbearers.org or 1888msc.org. 380 pages, softcover.

These sermons are a masterpiece in methodical, simple exploration of the Righteousness by Faith message of 1888. Pastor Lehman’s explanations are solidly based on Scripture, augmented by Ellen White materials. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a foundational understanding of the Most Precious Message.

Also available for free download (text/pdf/Yumpu/audio) at 4eange.com

Sermon 1 of 32

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