How Jesus was Like Us – Book Info – ALMOST OUT OF STOCK

by James Rafferty

3/2021 update — my stock of this book is running low and we don’t know when the book will be reprinted again — so requests are restricted to 1 copy/person. If I run out before your request is processed, I apologize!

71 pages paperback.

The human nature of Christ is one of the hot button topics of theological dialogue. Was Jesus like Adam before the Fall, or did Jesus possess our fallen nature? This debate doesn’t need more debate. It needs the power of simplicity. We need a vision of Christ that persuades us He is different enough from us to be our Savior, but like us enough to be our example. In this little booklet, James Rafferty lays out a fresh perspective, a new angle, on the human nature of Christ. The answer he offers is surprisingly simple and yet extremely powerful and clarifying. product description

Sermon by Ana Rosa Bacchus, on the topic of the human nature of Christ


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