Face to Face with the Real Gospel – Book Info

by Dennis Priebe

English version, 128 pages, softcover. Available in Spanish also.

Also available for purchase from Amazing Facts.

Description from Amazing Facts: “Face it! The real gospel is under attack! If the good news of Christ is what saves us, shouldn’t Christians expect the devil to craft a deceptive counterfeit for it? Writing to the Galatians, the apostle Paul spoke of this as “another” gospel. In this seminal book, author Dennis Priebe lifts the fog to separate the true gospel from the fake, answering such questions as: Is it really possible to overcome sin? If so, to what extent? And can the gospel help us be holy? In a sea of false and dangerous gospels, Priebe champions the true gospel to give you overwhelming and eternal hope in the power of Christ.”

This book gave me a clear understanding about the difference between sinful nature and sinful character. This topic is crucial when engaging in study about overcoming sin, character perfection, and the nature of Christ.

4-sermon series by Dennis Priebe on topics covered in Face to Face with the Real Gospel:

Sermon by Austin Bacchus on topic of sinful nature vs sinful character, includes quotes from Face to Face with the Real Gospel:

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